“I still vote civilization a nuisance, society a humbug and all conventionality a crime.”

Isabella Bird
Amanda Mills, Owner & Author

A native Texan, I was playing in the dirt, riding horses, climbing trees and doing all the things good southern girls weren’t supposed to from an early age. My first trip to the mountains as a teenager was the hook that never came out. Horses, hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking – that’s my bag. So it was no surprise when I left my homeland after high school for a new start in the wild west.

There have been several iterations of Dirtbag Cowgirl over the years. First a blog, then a handmade craft business, then both, then nothing because a tiny human came along that took all my time. The term “Dirtbag Cowgirl” so perfectly describes who I am at my core, that it’s inspired what I hope is its final iteration.

Follow along with my wild horse and burro journeys, outdoor adventures, struggles to navigate raising a young man and random thoughts on the world around us. Interested in jewelry and other crafty items? Don’t worry, idle hands I have not. They’ve been relocated to an Etsy shop for now, so head on over and check it out!

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