Sandal-wearing, mountain-dwelling, dirtbag cowgirl.  Lover of all things outdoors and certified horse-crazy chick.  Native Texan.  Colorado transplant.  Craft beer drinker.  Writer.  Photographer.  Rider.  Kayaker.  Snowshoer.  Hiker.  Wannabe snowboarder.




Mustang.  Former wild horse.  Wyoming native.  Banana lover.  Skeptic of bicycles.  Pro-swimmer.  All-time 4WD.  Coyote chaser.  Beer and cider lover.  Tolerator of Amanda.



Blue heeler.  Colorado native.  Alias: Ahmed.  Fetch junkie.  Mountain goat double.  Attacker of seatbelts and keys and heels and grocery bags and sticks and hay and chacos.  Best friend to Amanda.



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